Clean Water Washed Air in Your Home

Matthew and Cynthia have been friends since they met in 2003 in high school band. They both played the trombone (and still do!) And met when Cynthia transferred from Upstate NY to Massachusetts for her sophomore year of highschool. In 2015 Matt and Cynthia started dating and in 2017, they married. In 2019 They formed Nature's Solutions USA together and started introducing HYLA products to the masses in New Hampshire. Now they live in their forever home of Chattanooga TN where they continue to build Nature's Solutions USA into a thriving business and an invested part of the community. They have an English Lab named Lovely and a kitten named Marzipan and they are looking forward to bringing tiny humans into this world very soon!

Meet the awesome team behind Nature's Solutions. We’re focused on providing the best possible solutions to improve the lives and health of our customers.