Matthew Schoenberg


Matthew Schoenberg went with what most people would consider to be the "traditional route". He graduated high school with very high marks and then went to college for 6 years (and spent a ton of money!) to become a CPA. His first job out of college was with Ernst & Young both in Boston and NYC. He has worked for banks, consulting firms, and giant property management companies. He has held titles like VP, President, COO, and CFO and has supervised large teams of people and huge, multi billion dollar property portfolios. In 2019 he oversaw the largest multi family real estate sale in the history of the state of NH. While he received a very pretty bonus for that, nothing compares to the financial and personal freedom Nature's Solutions USA offers. In January of 2020, Matt decided that being self employed and helping other people find financial independence and financial freedom would be more fulfilling than what he had been getting out of his corporate career and joined Nature's Solutions USA.