Ocstabian Bailey

Director of Training and Development

Ocstabian Bailey went to college and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from Fort Valley State University in 2013. He continued this field of work for 5 years before pursuing sales. He was recognized as the top car salesman in the Atlanta, GA Metro Area two years in a row. In 2018, Ocstabian decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur and started to devote his time and knowledge to having the financial freedom he desired. In August of 2021, Ocstabian made a connection with Nature's Solutions USA owner, Cynthia on Facebook. He was curious enough about the opportunity to spend a weekend in Chattanooga shadowing and learning the business. Two weeks later, Ocstabian (known as Bailey to us) got his first sale with Nature's Solutions USA. In October of 2021 Bailey moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Chattanooga, TN to be a part of the Nature's Solutions USA team and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity offered. Nature's Solutions USA is beyond thrilled to have Bailey on our management team and on track to open his own Nature's Solutions branch.